The Dying of the Light

Act 0, Scene II

Having defeated the issues in Dyrinak, the small band of adventurers headed back to King’s Port – but not before Janus insisted upon accompanying them. She wanted to make sure that Dragon’s Tooth made it back into Lord Redspar’s hands (especially since the thief was carrying it)… it also wouldn’t hurt to have face-to-face contact with her Lord, too. A day’s walk out of the swamp found the adventurers in the small town of Orwell and the Chequers Inn. Unfortunately, just as dinner was ending (a delicious mutton stew with fresh fruits and vegetables) one of the townsfolk ran in the door, screaming that something was coming. The party leapt from their seats as fresh-from-the-grave zombies burst through the doorway. After a short battle, the inn began to fill with villagers escaping from the monsters. Just as the party prepared to head out into the darkness, the inn was assaulted by a small horde of the undead creatures. Unfortunately, Janus was killed in the battle, as the inn’s barkeep. Leaving the villagers to cope with the losses, the party headed out into the night to find the evil plaguing the town. They had heard the story of a necromancer from the villagers who had been defeated years ago by a brave band of heroes, and they headed toward the graveyard, intent on finding him. In the crypt of the heroes that had first battled the necromancer, they came upon him again – only this time, as a lich. Determined to end his unlife, they charged in to battle him and won. Unfortunately, Bryant lost his left arm during the battle. They returned to the inn, declaring Orwell safe again, and were rewarded with a hot meal and a good night’s lodgings.

The next morning, one of the villagers helped load Janus’ body onto a cart and they returned her to Dyrinak, allowing her friends and family to bury her. Despite being urged to stay for her services, the heroes opted to return to Orwell and then continue their journey to King’s Port. Upon calling on Lord Redspar, they regaled him with their tales of adventure (which quite calmed him, as they had been gone for such a long time he feared they were not returning with his beloved sword) and returned Dragon’s Tooth to him. He rewarded them well, promising to summon them should he have any further need for heroes. With extra suns in their pockets, the heroes headed into King’s Port to rest and recuperate.



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