The Dying of the Light

Act 0, Scene I

Having arrived in King’s Port, Ala, Brient, and Markous the Mouse begin their search for Gaius to ask him to come adventuring with them. Gaius, believing himself to be a natural asset to any heroic party, immediately agreed. They all spent the evening in The Silver Dragon catching up. In the middle of their conversation, Lord Gerald Redspar entered the tavern, his eyes slowly surveying the lot of would-be heroes. Gaius immediately stood up and caught his eye, encouraging Lord Redspar to come over to his table.

Gaius welcomed Lord Redspar and humbly asked how he could help. Redspar described his missing sword and his current knowledge: a ranger had told him that an unnamed boy from the village of Dyrinak, in the Red Swamp, had taken it. Gaius eagerly accepted the mission and the group excitedly made preparations for their first adventure.

The next morning they began the long trek south of the city toward the Red Swamp. By midday, they had reached the edges and continued ahead full-force, refusing to let the hot, muggy atmosphere of the swamp deter them from their mission. They found the village of Dyrinak just before nightfall and were warmly welcomed by the villagers. Janus sorted out the difference in knowledge, explaining that the boy with Redspar’s sword, Jared, had headed off into the swamp with a few more villagers in an attempt to defeat the troggs that had been attacking the village recently. As they prepared to sit for a meal, a large group of troggs stormed the village, enticed by the smell of food. The party quickly leapt into action to defend the barricade, along with Janus and five militiamen. The twelve troggs crawled over the barricade and swarmed the defenders, quickly bringing down three of the militiamen, as well as Markous. But the remaining party continued to fight, and when many of the troggs had fallen and they began to retreat, Brient led a charge over the barricades to chase down the remaining troggs. Two escaped into the swamp. Markous and one of the militiamen were healed, but unfortunately, two of the militiamen died from their wounds. The party and the villagers sat down with mixed feelings to the great meal that had been prepared. They rejoiced their victory but mourned the loss of their own.

The next morning Janus led the party into the swamp and carefully tracked Jared’s party (all the while showing Brient, whose new investigator career with the city watch was teaching him to track, what she was finding so that he could learn). A few hours later, they found the multilated body of Belor, one of the villagers that had accompanied Jared. A short while later, they found the remaining two of Jared’s companions. It was not long after this that they came to the Swamp Dragon’s new lair. Gaius quickly spotted Jared’s body and Dragon’s Tooth and sent Markous across the clearing to reclaim it. The remaining party ganged up on the young swamp dragon to keep it occupied. Markous returned with the sword, but in the end it was Ala’s casting of Solace’s Ray that brought the huge creature down. The swamp dragon’s wrath had been taken out on Gaius and Brient, so the rest of the party assisted them in returning, victorious, to Dyrinak.



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